Accounting and Bookkeeping Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Manage Money-In

Add Multiple Customers

Create and save multiple customer details at one place for easy communication

Create Sales Invoice

Capture Customer name, Invoice Date, Due Date, Reference/PO Number and Invoice Number.

Manage Credit Notes

Capture details of amount refunded, refund date and credit dates against each customer.

Multi-currency support

Capture Invoice amount and system has ability to manage multiple currencies.

Manage taxes & line items

Add tax categories, tax rates and assign them to respective line items.

Tag transactions to chart of accounts

Capture unique records for chart of accounts like asset, liability, equity, revenue and expense.

Email invoice to customers

Send invoice to customers via email in just a click from your account.

Monitor & Track receivables

Add due dates and send reminders to customers. Enter amount received in full, partial or pending.

Manage Money-Out

Add Multiple Suppliers

Create and save multiple Suppliers and Vendors details at one place.

Create Bills & Expenses

Capture Vendor name, Invoice Date, Invoice Due Date, Invoice Number and Reference Number.

Multi-currency support

Capture Invoice amount and system would allow users to enter in multiple currencies.

Monitor and track payments

Add details in the system for payments made in full, partial or still pending.

Track company related expenses

Capture expense details which a company is making. Generate reports for audit purpose.

Capture employee expense claims

Employees can upload their bills to reimburse. Employers can view, audit and release the amount

Bank Accounts & Virtual Balance

Add Bank Accounts

Add multiple bank accounts which are involved in business transactions.

Track Incoming Balance

Update received payments in your account, system will update earnings in the virtual bank balance.

Track Deducted Balance

Update payments made in your account, to view deducted amount from the virtual bank balance.


Manage Payments Received

Capture and manage list of all the incoming payments. Mark invoices as received or pending.

Manage Payments Made

Capture and manage list of all the outgoing payments. Mark bills as paid or pending.

Send Reminders

Set self reminders via email to follow-up with customers or vendors when due dates are nearby.

Approval Workflow

Money In Workflow

Assign the responsible person who approves invoices to customers.

Money Out Workflow

Assign the responsible person who approves bills and expenses to be made in the company.

Employee Expenses Workflow

Assign the person who approves Employee bills. Be it manager or concerned team.


Quick View of Money Flow

Take a quick view of total Money-in balance, Credit Notes and total Money-out Expenses made.

Quick view of Bank Transactions

Take a quick view of virtual balance in each bank accounts and the last transaction made.

Quick View of Pending Approvals

Before you start your day, quickly look at if any bills or invoices are pending for your approvals.

Manage Multiple Legal Entities

Add Multiple Legal Entities

No need to purchase separate accounts, add as many legal entities you want in a single login.

Manage Offices at Multiple Locations

Process Accounting for multiple office branches from a single company account.

Tax and Statutory Reports

System generates all compliance reports separately for each legal entity and/or office locations

Outsource Accounting to

Chartered Accountants

Accounting is one of the biggest expenses SMBs have. Understanding the relevant tax laws and compliances can be an administrative headache and mistakes could mean a lot if it isn’t done correctly. Outsourcing Accounting to CAs / accountants will ensure smooth and error free accounting and bookkeeping.

One Price for all Apps

Includes Payroll, Accounting, Projects, Travel, Expenses, ATS, People, Leaves, Timesheets, Appraisal
INR 7.5 / employee / month
for Single Company (Standard Subscription)
*Minimum billing is Rs 750 per month
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INR 15 / employee / month
for Multiple Companies (Enterprise Subscription)
*Minimum billing is Rs 1,500 per month
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