HR Software for Small and Medium Businesses


Employee Forms

Create and customize HR Forms using form builder feature. Get multiple field types to collect data.

Create Forms in Parts

Move away from bundles of pages clipped together. Create each form sections online separately.

Role based Form Visibility

Display each form section based on the job role and designation an employee joins the company.

Easy Joining Formalities

New joinees can fill HR Forms online, and upload all the required documents and certificates.

Employee Directory

Get access to basic details of all the employees across all the office location, at one place.


Employees can view their details which are saved with the current employer.


Create and Customize Leave Policies

Add multiple leave names along with respective credits, allocation frequency and much more.

Advanced Filters

Define Leave policies based on gender, pro-rata, employment type, carry forward policies etc.

Add Holidays

Capture holiday calendar of your company and tag them as National Holidays or Optional Holidays.

Compensatory Offs

For days worked overtime, employees can raise request to credit them as Compensatory Off.

Loss of Pay

Employees can apply leaves on negative credit balance by marking those leaves as Loss of Pay.

On Duty Leaves

Employees who travel frequently can notify their presence by applying for On Duty Leaves.

Leave Reports

Get a view on Employees' Leave History and applied Leaves in coming future.

Employee Self Service Login

View leave types and credits assigned by the company. Apply for leaves online in just a click.

Approval Workflows

Respectve team managers will get notification and they can approve or reject the leaves.


Add Goals and Tags

Add Goals across your organisation and tag them based on job roles or designations.

Add Unit of Measurement

You can define your goals to be based on sales achieved, numbers achieved, percentage based etc.

Set Evaluation Criteria

Add weights to goals and define them as target based or simply achieved or not.

Assign Goals to Employees

Team managers can assign goals to employees based on job role or assigned project in the team.

Self Goals for Employees

Employees can assign goals to themselves as part of self tracking of office work progress.

Define Goal & Review Cycles

Define goal cycles based on teams or job roles. Set the final appraisal cycle for whole organisation.


Employees can view assigned goals, add comments and update about day to day work progress.

Fill Appraisal Forms

Employees can participate in appraisal / review cycles as per frequencies decided by the company.

Approval Workflow

Respective team managers can view work progress, review self rating and add manager rating.


Fill Timesheets

Employees can update about hours spent per day on multiple tasks assigned to them.

Approval Workflow

Team managers can review and approve for the timesheet filled by each team member.

Integrated with Invoice

Employers can pull timesheet reports to prepare invoice in case they have to bill a client.


Time Stamp

Employees can punch their time-in and time-out online, whenever they come to office.

Track Working Hours

If you have daily working hours policy, system can give you reports on employees hours clocked.

Sync Biometric Sheet

Sync your biometric excel sheet in the system to track hours clocked by each employee.

Manage Multiple Legal Entities

Add Multiple Legal Entities

No need to purchase separate accounts, add as many legal entities you want in a single login.

Manage Offices at Multiple Locations

Add employees and manage them for multiple office branches. All from a single company account.

Different HRMS Reports

System generates separate HRMS reports for different legal entities or branch offices.

Outsource Background Checks For

Employee Background Verification

Get employment verification and background screening done for employees based on industry best practices that meet your needs. Choose from the list of verification services like employment verification, professional reference check, education verification, address verification, Indian criminal record verification etc. and only pay for what you have chosen for.

Outsource HR Operations to

Specialist HR Firms

Human Resource Outsourcing helps organizations address core HR outsourcing needs like workforce administration, talent management administration, learning and development administration, compensation management, benefits administration, and more. Outsourcing HR operations to specialist HR firms with domain expertise will ensure smooth and efficient resource management.

One Price for all Apps

Includes Payroll, Accounting, Projects, Travel, Expenses, ATS, People, Leaves, Timesheets, Appraisal
INR 7.5 / employee / month
for Single Company (Standard Subscription)
*Minimum billing is Rs 750 per month
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INR 15 / employee / month
for Multiple Companies (Enterprise Subscription)
*Minimum billing is Rs 1,500 per month
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