Payroll Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Run Payroll Anytime Anywhere

Create Salary Components

Create and customize salary components; along with their formula and values.

Create Salary Structure

Create simple and complex Salary Structures. Assign structures to employees

Auto Calculation of Components

Enter CTC for each employee. System automatically calculates salary components as per formula.


Send system generated payslips to each employee via email, with error free salary figures.

Run Unlimited Payroll

Choose your own payroll cycle. System allows you to select or deselect employees whenever you like.

Manage Resigned Employees

Stop payroll for employees who left. System will not consider them for any compliance.

Manage Reimbursements, Arrears and Loss of Pay

Reimburse Employee Expenses

Audit and verify employee expense claims and pay the amount while running payroll.


Easy to manage arrears in just one click. Error free salary figures from the effective date of change.

Adjust Leave Payment

Whether loss of pay or compensatory leave; it is easy to deduct or pay the amount via payroll.


Whether it is joining bonus or completion bonus. Pay it via payroll process.


Reach out to respective team managers to collect incentive value to be paid in monthly payroll.

Salary Advance & Loans

Adjust advance salary or recover loan amount from monthly payroll process.

Game of Compliances & Taxes

Provident Fund

Enter the amount for Employer as well as Employee Contribution for PF. Generate reports online.

Professional Tax

System is capable of deducting professional taxes based on the location of the office.

Tax Deducted at Source

System will deduct acuurate taxes as per the tax slabs defined by the Government of India.

Other relevant Reports

Generate monthly salary sheets, customised Bank statement and IT return files.

Issue Form 16

Issue Form 16 to employees and Form 16 A to vendor directly via email in a single click.

Adjust TDS on the go

TDS amount can be adjusted for an emloyee and remaining can be recovered in next month payroll.

Employee Self Service

Easy to read Dashboard

Employees can view CTC details, YTD statement, total earnings, payouts, PF and income tax details.

Fill IT Declarations

Employees can declare Tax savings (IT Declarations) and upload investment proofs.

Leaves Management

System keeps record of Leaves applied, Loss of Pay and Compensatory offs for each employee.

Easy Expenses Claims

Employees can upload expense bills incurred for any official purpose like food, travel, hotel etc.

Access Payslips Online

Employees can access professional looking Payslips from their account and can download them.

Manager ESS

Team managers can provide approvals, manage team activity and input variable salary component.

Manage Multiple Legal Entities

Add Multiple Legal Entities

No need to purchase separate accounts, add as many legal entities you want in a single login.

Manage Offices at Multiple Locations

Processing Payroll for multiple office branches was never this easy. All from a single company account.

Different Statutory Reports

System generates all compliance reports separately for each legal entity and/or office locations.

Outsource Payroll to

Payroll Administrators

Payroll is one of the biggest expenses SMBs have. Understanding the relevant government regulations and compliances can be an administrative headache and mistakes could mean a lot if it isn’t done correctly. Outsourcing payroll to third party payroll administrators like CAs will ensure smooth and error free monthly payroll cycle.

One Price for all Apps

Includes Payroll, Accounting, Projects, Travel, Expenses, ATS, People, Leaves, Timesheets, Appraisal
INR 7.5 / employee / month
for Single Company (Standard Subscription)
*Minimum billing is Rs 750 per month
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INR 15 / employee / month
for Multiple Companies (Enterprise Subscription)
*Minimum billing is Rs 1,500 per month
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