Payroll Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Run Payroll Anytime Anywhere

Create Salary Components

Create and customize salary components; along with their formula and values.

Create Salary Structure

Create simple and complex Salary Structures. Assign structures to employees.

Auto Calculation of Components

Enter CTC for each employee. System automatically calculates salary components as per formula.


Send system generated payslips to each employee via email, with error free salary figures.

Run Unlimited Payroll

Choose your own payroll cycle. System allows you to select or deselect employees whenever you like.

Manage Resigned Employees

Stop payroll for employees who left. System will not consider them for any compliance.

Manage Reimbursements, Arrears and Loss of Pay

Reimburse Employee Expenses

Audit and verify employee expense claims and pay the amount while running payroll.


Easy to manage arrears in just one click. Error free salary figures from the effective date of change.

Adjust Leave Payment

Whether loss of pay or compensatory leave; it is easy to deduct or pay the amount via payroll.


Whether it is joining bonus or completion bonus. Pay it via payroll process.


Reach out to respective team managers to collect incentive value to be paid in monthly payroll.

Salary Advance & Loans

Adjust advance salary or recover loan amount from monthly payroll process.

Game of Compliances & Taxes

Provident Fund

Enter the amount for Employer as well as Employee Contribution for PF. Generate reports online.

Professional Tax

System is capable of deducting professional taxes based on the location of the office.

Tax Deducted at Source

System will deduct accurate taxes as per the tax slabs defined by the Government of India.

Other relevant Reports

Generate monthly salary sheets, customised Bank statement and IT return files.

Issue Form 16

Issue Form 16 to employees and Form 16 A to vendor directly via email in a single click.

Adjust TDS on the go

TDS amount can be adjusted for an emloyee and remaining can be recovered in next month payroll.

Employee Self Service

Easy to read Dashboard

Employees can view CTC details, YTD statement, total earnings, payouts, PF and income tax details.

Fill IT Declarations

Employees can declare Tax savings (IT Declarations) and upload investment proofs.

Leaves Management

System keeps record of Leaves applied, Loss of Pay and Compensatory offs for each employee.

Easy Expenses Claims

Employees can upload expense bills incurred for any official purpose like food, travel, hotel etc.

Access Payslips Online

Employees can access professional looking Payslips from their account and can download them.

Manager ESS

Team managers can provide approvals, manage team activity and input variable salary component.

Manage Multiple Legal Entities

Add Multiple Legal Entities

No need to purchase separate accounts, add as many legal entities you want in a single login.

Manage Offices at Multiple Locations

Processing Payroll for multiple office branches was never this easy. All from a single company account.

Different Statutory Reports

System generates all compliance reports separately for each legal entity and/or office locations.

HR Software for Small and Medium Businesses


Employee Forms

Create and customize HR Forms using form builder feature. Get multiple field types to collect data.

Create Forms in Parts

Move away from bundles of pages clipped together. Create each form sections online separately.

Role based Form Visibility

Display each form section based on the job role and designation an employee joins the company.

Easy Joining Formalities

New joinees can fill HR Forms online, and upload all the required documents and certificates.

Employee Directory

Get access to basic details of all the employees across all the office location, at one place.


Employees can view their details which are saved with the current employer.


Create and Customize Leave Policies

Add multiple leave names along with respective credits, allocation frequency and much more.

Advanced Filters

Define Leave policies based on gender, pro-rata, employment type, carry forward policies etc.

Add Holidays

Capture holiday calendar of your company and tag them as National Holidays or Optional Holidays.

Compensatory Offs

For days worked overtime, employees can raise request to credit them as Compensatory Off.

Loss of Pay

Employees can apply leaves on negative credit balance by marking those leaves as Loss of Pay.

On Duty Leaves

Employees who travel frequently can notify their presence by applying for On Duty Leaves.

Leave Reports

Get a view on Employees' Leave History and applied Leaves in coming future.

Employee Self Service Login

View leave types and credits assigned by the company. Apply for leaves online in just a click.

Approval Workflows

Respectve team managers will get notification and they can approve or reject the leaves.


Add Goals and Tags

Add Goals across your organisation and tag them based on job roles or designations.

Add Unit of Measurement

You can define your goals to be based on sales achieved, numbers achieved, percentage based etc.

Set Evaluation Criteria

Add weights to goals and define them as target based or simply achieved or not.

Assign Goals to Employees

Team managers can assign goals to employees based on job role or assigned project in the team.

Self Goals for Employees

Employees can assign goals to themselves as part of self tracking of office work progress.

Define Goal & Review Cycles

Define goal cycles based on teams or job roles. Set the final appraisal cycle for whole organisation.


Employees can view assigned goals, add comments and update about day to day work progress.

Fill Appraisal Forms

Employees can participate in appraisal / review cycles as per frequencies decided by the company.

Approval Workflow

Respective team managers can view work progress, review self rating and add manager rating.


Fill Timesheets

Employees can update about hours spent per day on multiple tasks assigned to them.

Approval Workflow

Team managers can review and approve for the timesheet filled by each team member.

Integrated with Invoice

Employers can pull timesheet reports to prepare invoice in case they have to bill a client.


Time Stamp

Employees can punch their time-in and time-out online, whenever they come to office.

Track Working Hours

If you have daily working hours policy, system can give you reports on employees hours clocked.

Sync Biometric Sheet

Sync your biometric excel sheet in the system to track hours clocked by each employee.

Manage Multiple Legal Entities

Add Multiple Legal Entities

No need to purchase separate accounts, add as many legal entities you want in a single login.

Manage Offices at Multiple Locations

Add employees and manage them for multiple office branches. All from a single company account.

Different HRMS Reports

System generates separate HRMS reports for different legal entities or branch offices.

Recruitment Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Create Openings and Post Jobs Online

Create Multiple Job Openings

Create job opening with minimal fields like Job Title, Location, Salary, Skills and Job description.

Add Additional Job Details

Update job openings by adding details like no. of positions, Industry, Qualifications, Experience etc.

One-Click Job Post on Free Job Sites

Post jobs to Free Job site - Indeed. Receive profiles directly in your ATS account.

One-Click Job Post on Premium Job Portals

Post jobs to job portals - Shine and Timesjobs. Receive profiles directly in your ATS account.

Social Recruiting

Integrate and post jobs to - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Receive profiles in your ATS account.

Bulk Emails

Send job openings to applicants saved in database via mass email and receive updated resumes.

Add and Manage Team Members

Add Hiring Manager

Assign a member responsible to execute and manage a particular job opening.

Add Team Members

Add more recruiters to handle job openings to close them faster and more effectively.

Add Interviewers

Assign interviewers to online interview schedules to collect feedback for each candidate.

Resume Parsing and Duplicity Check

Auto Resume Parser

FastCollab ATS automatically parses resumes and displays personal details of each candidate.

Manage Resume Database

Profiles are saved in the system and can be tagged to different online folders.

Duplicity Check

FastCollab ATS stops users from uploading profile again having same email id or contact number.

End-to-End Candidate Assessments

Online Assessment Tests

Create online tests by adding questions, assigning pass marks and test timer. Get on the spot results.

Candidate Screening Questions

Add screening questions like - Experience, Current CTC, Expected CTC, Notice Period and much more.

Interview Feedback Questions

Add feedback questions for interviewers to answer and give rating to each candidate.

Applicant Tracking and Scheduling Interviews

Track Applicants

Track and manage applicants right from Sourcing to Hiring. Approve or reject profiles at any stage.

Schedule Interviews Online

Set date, time, location, specific interviewer, type of interview process and any other details.

Auto Email Notifications

ATS sends notifications to candidates & interviewers for each interview process.

Career Page Integration

Career Portal

Create and customize career page. Display job openings and receive profiles from website.

Career Widget

Integrate Widget code on company website page to display job openings and receive profiles online.

Internal Reference Portal

Capture employee details when they refer an applicant through ATS Reference Job Portal.

Track Recruitment Progress

By Recruiters

Track progress of internal recruiters for profiles sourced, interviews schedules and final closures.

By Agency

Companies working with multiple agencies can track their performance for all shared job openings.

By Client

Agencies working on multiple clients, track your performance for resumes sourced and closures.

Accounting Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Manage Money-In

Add Multiple Customers

Create and save multiple customer details at one place for easy communication

Create Sales Invoice

Capture Customer name, Invoice Date, Due Date, Reference/PO Number and Invoice Number.

Manage Credit Notes

Capture details of amount refunded, refund date and credit dates against each customer.

Multi-currency support

Capture Invoice amount and system has ability to manage multiple currencies.

Manage taxes & line items

Add tax categories, tax rates and assign them to respective line items.

Tag transactions to chart of accounts

Capture unique records for chart of accounts like asset, liability, equity, revenue and expense.

Email invoice to customers

Send invoice to customers via email in just a click from your account.

Monitor & Track receivables

Add due dates and send reminders to customers. Enter amount received in full, partial or pending.

Manage Money-Out

Add Multiple Suppliers

Create and save multiple Suppliers and Vendors details at one place.

Create Bills & Expenses

Capture Vendor name, Invoice Date, Invoice Due Date, Invoice Number and Reference Number.

Multi-currency support

Capture Invoice amount and system would allow users to enter in multiple currencies.

Monitor and track payments

Add details in the system for payments made in full, partial or still pending.

Track company related expenses

Capture expense details which a company is making. Generate reports for audit purpose.

Capture employee expense claims

Employees can upload their bills to reimburse. Employers can view, audit and release the amount

Bank Accounts & Virtual Balance

Add Bank Accounts

Add multiple bank accounts which are involved in business transactions.

Track Incoming Balance

Update received payments in your account, system will update earnings in the virtual bank balance.

Track Deducted Balance

Update payments made in your account, to view deducted amount from the virtual bank balance.


Manage Payments Received

Capture and manage list of all the incoming payments. Mark invoices as received or pending.

Manage Payments Made

Capture and manage list of all the outgoing payments. Mark bills as paid or pending.

Send Reminders

Set self reminders via email to follow-up with customers or vendors when due dates are nearby.

Approval Workflow

Money In Workflow

Assign the responsible person who approves invoices to customers.

Money Out Workflow

Assign the responsible person who approves bills and expenses to be made in the company.

Employee Expenses Workflow

Assign the person who approves Employee bills. Be it manager or concerned team.


Quick View of Money Flow

Take a quick view of total Money-in balance, Credit Notes and total Money-out Expenses made.

Quick view of Bank Transactions

Take a quick view of virtual balance in each bank accounts and the last transaction made.

Quick View of Pending Approvals

Before you start your day, quickly look at if any bills or invoices are pending for your approvals.

Manage Multiple Legal Entities

Add Multiple Legal Entities

No need to purchase separate accounts, add as many legal entities you want in a single login.

Manage Offices at Multiple Locations

Process Accounting for multiple office branches from a single company account.

Tax and Statutory Reports

System generates all compliance reports separately for each legal entity and/or office locations

Travel Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Approval Workflow

Approval For Travel Requests

Add people who would be approving the travel request raised by an employee expected for a Business Trip.

Approval for Quotations

Add people who would be approving the ticket quotes and move it ahead for final booking

Expense Management

Upload Flight Tickets

When employees book tickets on their own, they can upload the flight ticket to claim for the expense.

Upload other Costs

Employees can upload claim bills for travel related expenses like taxi, hotel, food etc.

Reimburse to Employees

Reimburse all travel related expenses via cash or pay via monthly salary in payroll.


On-screen Real time Travel Bookings

System shows real-time flights availability and fares for any travel route you enter.

View itinerary submitted by employees

Get the details of itinerary submitted by employees; to make necessary arrangements well before time.


Download reports to track business travels and manage expenses monthly, quarterly etc.

Dedicated Travel Advisor

Plan your Business Trip Right

Advice to employee(s) on best flights, suitable timings, optimal pricing much more.

Get all Arrangements done

When going to a different place, we will arrange hotel, get visa, travel card and forex for you

Easy Setup

We will make sure that all your employees receive their accounts for easy Business Travel booking.

Travel Reports

Track Travel Frequency

Generate reports on number of travels happening in a month, quarter, half year or annually.

Travel Related Costs

Get reports on cost incurred while employees were travelling including flight tickets, hotels, taxi etc.

Projects Based Travel Cost

Generate reports on travel cost incurred for each project and update the Accounts team.

Employee Self Service

Book Tickets with Approval

Employees can mention travel details, submit it to manager for approval and booking process.

Mention the Itinerary

Employees can mention details for flight preference, hotels, taxi, visa, travel card etc.

Book Quick Travel

Employees can skip approval process; and can search and book flight tickets directly.

View Booking History

Employees can view their booking requests and take actions if it is pending approval or in progress.

Manager Self Service

Respective managers can view travel details; and can approve or modify schedule for ticket bookings.

View Upcoming Travel Schedule

Employees can take a look at the upcoming business travel schedule and plan out accordingly.

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