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Get corporate ticketing benefits with competitive prices when you book flight tickets, hotels, visas & forex from FastCollab's corporate account. Our team of travel experts will also advise you on smart routings and business travel related queries. Save huge on travel costs.

Outsource Travel Operations to

Specialist Travel Agents

Get round the clock personalized assistance on all your travel related requirements, including flight tickets, visas, travel insurance, foreign exchange, etc. Avail special corporate fares on ticketing along with a dedicated account manager for comprehensive planning. Now take your business to places, while the travel partner make the bookings for you.

Travel & Expenses Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Approval Workflow

Approval For Travel Requests

Add people who would be approving the travel request raised by an employee expected for a Business Trip.

Approval for Quotations

Add people who would be approving the ticket quotes and move it ahead for final booking

Expense Management

Upload Flight Tickets

When employees book tickets on their own, they can upload the flight ticket to claim for the expense.

Upload other Costs

Employees can upload claim bills for travel related expenses like taxi, hotel, food etc.

Reimburse to Employees

Reimburse all travel related expenses via cash or pay via monthly salary in payroll.


On-screen Real time Travel Bookings

System shows real-time flights availability and fares for any travel route you enter.

View itinerary submitted by employees

Get the details of itinerary submitted by employees; to make necessary arrangements well before time.


Download reports to track business travels and manage expenses monthly, quarterly etc.

Dedicated Travel Advisor

Plan your Business Trip Right

Advice to employee(s) on best flights, suitable timings, optimal pricing much more.

Get all Arrangements done

When going to a different place, we will arrange hotel, get visa, travel card and forex for you

Easy Setup

We will make sure that all your employees receive their accounts for easy Business Travel booking.

Travel Reports

Track Travel Frequency

Generate reports on number of travels happening in a month, quarter, half year or annually.

Travel Related Costs

Get reports on cost incurred while employees were travelling including flight tickets, hotels, taxi etc.

Projects Based Travel Cost

Generate reports on travel cost incurred for each project and update the Accounts team.

Employee Self Service

Book Tickets with Approval

Employees can mention travel details, submit it to manager for approval and booking process.

Mention the Itinerary

Employees can mention details for flight preference, hotels, taxi, visa, travel card etc.

Book Quick Travel

Employees can skip approval process; and can search and book flight tickets directly.

View Booking History

Employees can view their booking requests and take actions if it is pending approval or in progress.

Manager Self Service

Respective managers can view travel details; and can approve or modify schedule for ticket bookings.

View Upcoming Travel Schedule

Employees can take a look at the upcoming business travel schedule and plan out accordingly.

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Buy Tickets, Book Hotels, Apply for Visas, Forex and More

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