10 Funny work absenteeism excuses employees give

A part of Human Resource job is to handle the excuses given by employees when they are looking for a day-off. There is nothing wrong in taking a break from work. (the writer of this blog already gave one smart excuse to stay at home today).

In our free time, we reached out to HRs of various organisations and gathered some of the common work absenteeism excuses employees usually give.

1. Advice of the Astrologer

My family astrologer has advised me not to do any important thing today, as it may ruin my whole day. So my family is not allowing me to go to office, fearing for the same reason. My family is very orthodox and has good faith in that astrologer.

2. The Shabby Clothes

While I was on the way to office, I met with a small accident which has spoilt my office attire. I returned home to change my clothes, so am unable to attend the office today. As per HR policy shabby clothes are not allowed in office.

3. I am at Client’s Place

I am at client’s place for the meeting. It is taking time to wind-up the things here. Actually the meeting was scheduled tomorrow, but due to some miscommunication I came here, so won’t be able to attend the work today.

4. The ill Neighbor

The old lady next door is seriously ill. As she is staying alone, and no one nearby to take care of her, it is my responsibility to take her to hospital and make sure she is in perfect health condition.

5. Passport Verification

As I have applied for passport. Today the Police is arriving again for verification. The last visit by them was not enough to get the formalities done. So I have to be at home for the same reason.

6. Transport to be Blamed

I have given my bike for servicing, which was supposed to be delivered yesterday evening; unfortunately I didn’t get the bike delivered. I stay little far from the city, transportation is little tough. Please consider this request.

7. Strikes are so Common here

I started for office, unfortunately I missed my bus. Since there is some local issues going on in my locality there is no movement of any vehicles. Situation is getting worse every minute and even police has been called.

8. Lost personal belongings

On my way to office, I lost my personal belongings including company identity card. I went to police station to give complaint for above reason and here it is taking lot of time, so I can’t say when I will be attending the office. Without company identity card no one is allowed to the office.

9. Personal Reasons

Due to some personal reasons, I am taking a leave today. I can’t share you the exact reason, I hope you understand.

10. Heavy Rains

While I was on the way to office, it started raining heavily, I missed the company bus, now all the roads are blocked due to heavy rain. Trees fell on the road and it will take time to clear the path, as of now there is not even a slight movement here, so I can’t make up to the office.

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