5 Crucial Services Small and Medium businesses are outsourcing to FastCollab

When it comes to running start-ups and SMEs in this cut-throat competition, the need of the hour is to focus on core-competencies of the business. An entrepreneur should give full focus on his/her core-team, and as much possible look to outsource most of not so important tasks to 3rd party experts. This is very helpful in saving money and time.

1. Business Travel Management

FastCollab works as an end-to-end dedicated Business Travel Management Service provider and advisor. When employees are travelling on Business trips FastCollab helps businesses to keep a record of itinerary in terms of best routes, convenient flights, hotel and taxi bookings and even where to eat. Through FastCollab’s Corporate Business Travel account companies can book flight tickets with exciting Corporate benefits. Yes you read it right. It is going to be much healthier to your pocket.

2. Group Health Insurance

Lack of awareness on insurances can be risky to businesses. Every entrepreneur should be aware of these 7 corporate insurances. However, uncertainty & risk could be the facets of taking insurance from untrusted sources. Connect with trusted partners of FastCollab to cover all the risks for your company as well as individual employee. Receive competitive quotes and choose the best from them.

3. Payroll Outsourcing

Manual payslip generation is such an old tradition. Payroll in excel formats has always created havoc for employers as most of the times salary figures never match. FastCollab’s online Payroll Management System can connect 3rd party service providers to take care of all the salary processing for the employees. It comes with Employee Self-Service portal through which employees can submit IT declaration, expense claims, and other details. In a single click employers can issue payslips online and generate all statutory reports like – PT, PF, TDS, ESI etc.

4. Accounting & Bookkeeping Solution

Is your table piled up with accounting files? Piles and piles of bills, invoices & files are the first indicator of poor finance management in any organisation. Most worrisome part is the lost or misplaced bills. Specially when it comes to start-ups and SMEs understanding importance of Accounting & Bookkeeping is crucial to save burning money and avoid penalties. Through FastCollab’s Accounting Solution, companies can manage their money-in and money-out online. Track vendor payments, company expenses and other bills at one place. Business can connect their Chartered Accountant or Accounting Administrators online to take care of all Statutory compliance (Sales Tax, VAT, Service Tax, TDS, FEMA etc)

5. Recruitment Outsourcing

Any delay in closing crucial positions can cost high in business. Thus businesses need to look for recruitment experts for quick turn around time. More worrisome part is when competitors get the skilled candidates on-board before you. Outsourcing recruitment to FastCollab means reaching out to best fit candidates and bringing fast closures. Auto profile matching, duplication check, pre-screening are some of the advantages that comes along. Consultants take care of all the follow-ups with the candidates right from first interview to joining the organisation.


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