6 things to consider while going on a business trip

You know the feeling, the tingling excitement of a forthcoming business trip. You might daydream about how productive you will be during all that uninterrupted time, naively believing that you will get double the work done in half the time.

Regrettably for most of the people, all that “free time” is merely the pipe dream. In reality, travel is tiring. Because of this business trip, the companies can have higher productivity expectations from business travelers. Here are 6 best tips to consider while going on business trips:

1. Let technology be your assistant

Before you leave, decide which of your gadgets would serve best on the trip and pack accordingly. Make sure the gadgets you decide to bring, have access to reliable Wi-Fi. Also try to look for Wi-Fi availability at the hotel, conference center and meeting. If your smartphone or tablet can do the work, it’s time to lighten the load by dropping heavy gadgets. This will surely help focusing on the work at hand.

2. Tick off to-do items before you leave

Book flight tickets and hotel rooms when you come to know you are going on the business trip. It would help to get the best deals & save some much-required money in those initial stages of business. Planning ahead shows vendors, customers, & investors that you are responsible & organized. They would surely observe how you operate as a businessperson.

3. Lighten the load

Long duration flights can be exhaustive and may reduce energy. Try to start by packing the right way. Do not check big bags unless required. Plan your outfits for each day of your trip, so you do not pack extremely. Reduce the cargo by mailing list of items such as product specimens in advance. They add weight to drag around and frequently get broken or squished in the suitcase.

4. Do not squander flight time

One thing you can plan for is time on the plane when you are stuck in the seat. If you do not have the wi-fi connection, write emails, so they are ready to send, or work on something that has saved to the desktop. Planes are also perfect for practicing networking skills, such as initiating conversations, asking questions and listening.

5. Treat yourself

Instead of trying to grind through the work around the clock, spend some time recovering. You do not want new contacts to remember you for being irritable. And what is the point of traveling if you never leave the hotel room? Go touring, or drink at the local café. Personal growth makes you the better leader & experiencing various cultures expands your mind. Take the opportunity to see the world from a perfect angle.

6. Organize as you go

Business travel can produce an invasion of new ideas & contacts that are impossible to observe at once. Organizing this information as you work will assure you do not forget it when you get home.

Make a habit of taking pictures of any new connections you want to do business. When you follow up on the trip, include the picture to help them remember you.

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