7 items Business Travelers must carry when travelling to a new location

Business Travelers are often asked to travel places they have never been to before. Specially when a company is in expansion mode. With flights and hotels reserved through your FastCollab Business Travel account; next comes packing the luggage. So if you have butterflies about the new place, here are 10 important items to have in your luggage

1. Maps of the local area

Always carry the maps of the new location with you. This will help you to easily locate and reach your hotel, client office or business event easily. Maps can be arranged from airport, hotels or follow through your smartphone.

2. Scan & Save important documents

Scan your passport size photos, passport, and paper tickets (if not the e-type); and save the scanned copies in email account. You can further save details of emergency telephone numbers. In case of any misdeed, at least you have everything as backup to keep you continued on your business without any difficulty.

3. Separate your valuables

Split up cash, bank cards, travellers’ cheques & credit cards as much as feasible in multiple pockets, your bags & wallet when backpacking. In case you forget or your stuff is stolen, at least you would not strap for cash (unless you have all the bags and your wallet robbed of course).

4. Prefer Smartphone

It is always preferred for business travellers to keep smartphones with them. Reading or writing emails on the go; preparing meeting notes and even presentations makes these devices more handy. Plus you may require capturing or shooting some important locations , events, products etc.

5. Carry-On Bags

Always keep such carry-on bags which are not to be checked-in with heavy luggage. Specially when on long flights, these are handy to keep important office papers, medicines, and travelling clothes. When on international flights, you may have to go through long stop-overs. Do some fresh change of clothes, finish-up that pending paperwork or get the medication done. Here are some tips on How to utilize Lounges when on long halt flights.

6. Necessary toiletries

Do not end-up wandering around looking for toiletries. Not all international flights take care of such things for Business Travelers. Pack compulsory items like toothpaste, brush, coffee packets, shampoo sachets, just take half a roll of toilet paper can be used for emergencies.

7. Plastic Bags

It is always helpful to have the few plastic bags about certain items, particularly toiletries. Not just does it counter any leaking; the bags can more come in helpful to keep dirty clothes in, as garbage bags or also as the temporary umbrella. Ziplock or other airtight and sealed plastic bags are the best.

FastCollab is a one-stop solution which provides end-to-end travel management services to companies. For employees travelling on business trips FastCollab can get them flight tickets and hotel bookings with corporate travel benefits. Plus employees can maintain their itinerary for the days they are travelling.


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