How HR’s can help employees reach company goals

Goals establishment for an organisation tells where it is intended to go and also keeps the track of the performance of the company. This is why companies focus on hiring the best employees available in the market. And to keep employees stick to the organisation for a longer time, HR’s come into the picture to sync employees’ personal goals with that of the organisation’s. Here is how HR’s can be change makers in the company.

1. Explain the expectations clearly

Don’t just set a goal and align them to employees to work on. HR’s should precisely mention what company is expecting from the employees. HR’s should take the lead to help employees in understanding on how they can personally contribute to accomplish these goals. And make sure the new hires do not find it a shock. Almost 57% of the employees say that their HR’s don’t give those clear directions, whereas 13% say their managers help them in achieving company goals.

2. Set goals as attainable, but challenging

Achieving the desired goals require hard work and commitment from the employees. The most important role of HR’s in goal setting is to parallely set long term goals along with smaller incremental goals. The smaller attainable goals will give employees the confidence and enough experience to achieve long term challenging goals.

3. Train the employees

Another important peg in HR’s role is to keep a track on how employees are performing. If necessary HR’s should provide or arrange training session to the employees to develop their skills, knowledge and competency in their field to help them effectively accomplishing the goals. Creating mentorship and training programmes is one important reason to keep lower attrition rate. 54% of employees would like more job-specific training.

4. Foster collaboration

HR’s should effectively create a healthy environment within the organisation where employees can communicate and collaborate with other employees, either from same department or other departments as well. Such meetings are helpful in sharing knowledge among peers, generate help on job related difficulties etc. About 88% of employees are satisfied with their foster collaboration and also morale is high in their office.

5. Give evaluation & feedback regularly

The practice of regular evaluation & feedback is the best way to keep motivating employees and help them in understanding their areas of improvement. HR’s need to keep a balance on highlighting strengths as well as weaknesses of employees. Constructive criticism is the best way to identify the progress in achieving goals at hand, and helps HR’s to do effective appraisal as well. Tools like applicant tracking system produces real-time reports for each recruiter with exact particulars of work done every day, targets achieved & what was missed.

6. Recognize achievements

After successfully achieving the desired company goals, HR’s should immediately look to acknowledge the achievements and performance of the employees. It could be a note of thanks, appreciation from the clients, or the best being exciting rewards for both individual as well as team. Such recognitions always keeps employees motivated and encourages them to try harder next time.


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