#Tweetchat Summary: Diversified Workforce – Productive or Fad?

#Tweetchat Summary: Why Best Employees Leave Organisation?

The #Tweetchat campaign in the series of #FastCollab discussions is the latest campaign we have come up with to reach out to the professionals of various organisations and involve them into a discussion that can help change the way we handle various business services.

The discussion took place on: FastCollab | Twitter

In this tweetchat, we discussed around whether organisations take Diversified Workforce to be – Productive or Fad? The participants put forward their views and suggestions on what is diversification for them and how they keep a mix of diversified workforce. Take a look:

1. How do you define diversified workforce in an organisation?

  • Org with employees mix in terms of age, cultural, physical abilities & disabilities, race, religion, gender
  • Companies which keeps a mix of employees based on gender, geography, religion,culture, skills, experience etc

2. Are you currently employing diversified workforce in your organisation? Why? Why not?

  • Yes, we do hire. Although not every aspect is maintained. But we make sure to have gender, age and geography in our mix
  • Organizations in India call themselves diversified only in gender. Diversified is hiring for capability and not what defines

3. What benefits does diversified workforce brings in an organisation?

  • An organisation with diversity includes a sense of purpose that goes beyond BAU (Business As Usual). Learning from diversified views always helps
  • Geography brings more reach to business. Age brings mix of exp and energy. Gender brings balanced discussions in office work

4. What challenges diversified workforce can pose to an organisation?

  • Perceptual, cultural and language barriers might come over, Ineffective communication of key objectives results in confusion
  • We are in an age where Age & Religion are passe, considering we operate across Geo’s, some diversity metrics are a given

5. Can Diversification fit to any kind of business? If yes, should it be made mandatory?

  • Diversity will increase significantly in the coming years. Its fitment depend on how good organization is prepared
  • An organization’s success and competitiveness depends upon its ability to embrace diversity and realize the benefits


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