#Tweetchat Summary: Why Best Employees Leave Organisation?

#Tweetchat Summary: Why Best Employees Leave Organisation?

The #Tweetchat campaign in the series of #FastCollab discussions is the latest campaign we have come up with to reach out to the professionals of various organisations and involve them into a discussion that can help change the way we handle various business services.

The discussion took place on: FastCollab | Twitter

In this tweetchat, we discussed around the reasons for why Best Employees Leave Organisation so early. The participants put forward their views and suggestions on where an employer might have done wrong at various stages like – giving offer letter, on the day of joining and even engaging them in coming days. Take a look:

1. According to you, what parameters define an employee best fit, after they join the company?

  • Track record (roles played in past), credentials (which express areas of interest), maybe social profile analysis results too
  • Though it is difficult to get best fit. But usually any resource which best fit to JD among challenging resource market
  • Factors which can inspire an employee to be passionate and live the dream

2.What could be the role of Team & Team Managers in leading to a best employee leaving organisation?

  • Goal setting process is not scientific. Most organizations impose normal curve fitment and don’t train managers
  • Performance goals are unclear. In a fast growing business the focus is on getting thing done today
  • Absolutely. Conversely, presence of even one like-minded colleague can increase stickiness and willingness to fit in
  • Not recognising & grooming potential. Lack of strong support & opportunity to grow

3. What could be the role of Employers & Management in leading to a best employee leave organisation?

  • Ignoring passive changes in attitude/ response patterns/ body language that indicate disengagement/ disenchantment
  • Inputs not heard/followed through, contribution not recognized (cud be a matter of perception too). Too much micro managing the employees

4. What factors make best employees stay in organisation for long?

  • Work life balance, Career Growth and Good Pay package
  • Recognition for contribution (status/ monetary), cultural alignment, opp for vertical/ horizontal growth, optimal challenge
  • Provide opportunities to grow and learn, and let your employees know there is room for advancement in your company

5. As an HR, how have you tackled a situation where your best employee had put forward his/her resignation?

  • Will identify the reason why they are leaving; and do our best to give employees that in the current organisation so they won’t leave us
  • There is few reason to leave a company but there are may reason to stay long with the current company


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