Ultimate Guide to Achieve Employee Engagement

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Personal Connect with Employees

Invest time to listen and learn about employees’ interests and aspirations. This helps foster familiarity and openness between employees and managers and can lead to a positive impact on employee motivation and engagement.

Holding informal conversations and learning about your employees is an easy way to show that you care and want to know them at a personal level. Exhibiting this type of behavior can have an affirmative effect on employee attitudes and motivation and can help strengthen the bond between the employees and the management.

Adequate Training

Provide your employees with adequate training for the capabilities required for their jobs. Training aids employees achieve their goals and tasks exceedingly well, ensuring that the employees excel in their careers.Research says that employees are more engaged when they truly understand their role in the organization.

It is also important for managers to provide feedback on a continuous basis as the employees continue to assume more responsibilities. As the employees assume more responsibilities, along with being provided with relevant training, and understand their worth in the organization, the employees will be more engaged and motivated.

Opportunities and Career Path

Nurturing employees is vital to an organization. It is important for managers to chart out clear and unambiguous career paths for the employees. Providing opportunities for career advancement and learning is a key factor in influencing employee engagement levels.

It should be kept in mind to align the developmental activities of employees with the overall strategic goals of the company. When employees understand how their training connects to the overall growth of the organization, the employees find a better connect with the organization.

Feedback and Appreciation

One of the major motivational factors for anyone is recognition and appreciation. So it is important for managers to recognize and reward good work done by the employees in a timely manner.

It should be noted that employees of different backgrounds and cultures prefer feedback in a different forms. While some employees would prefer a direct feedback, some others would prefer subtler forms of feedback.

Team Culture

True and productive teamwork emerges out of a culture of openness and trust amongst employees. To encourage teamwork, avenues where employees could get to know and interact at a personal level each other should be created.

Incentivizing employees who go out of their way to help and collaborate with other employees is a sure shot way to promote teamwork. New metrics need to be introduced to measure contributions of this nature.

Customer Focus

In today’s age when customers have all the information at their fingertips and when there are multiple options to choose from, for any product that they may require, it is important for companies to become customer-centric and pamper the customer in order to succeed.

To inclusively and wholesomely transform an organization into a customer-focused organization, it is important to take in ideas from grassroots on how to improve customer focus. Encourage employees to keep a log of ideas to advance customer service. Evaluate their ideas on the basis of feasibility, uniqueness and positive impact.

Employee Feedback

As much as it is important to give feedback to employees, it is equally important to collect and act on employee feedback. Surveys may be conducted to know employee feedback on varied aspects.

Engaging Activities

Employees are hired to handle the job and responsibilities associated with it. Prolonged sitting and sticking to the tasks, at times become monotonous and can lead to stress and frustration. End result would be employees’ interest swaying away from present tasks. The secret mantra to achieve employee engagement is to give them a break and involve them in effective outdoor activities as well as effective indoor activities to keep them motivated.


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