Reconcile Flight and Hotel Bookings

Claim 100% of
GST Input Tax

Reconciling flight tickets with the airline invoices and hotel vouchers with the hotel invoices has been challenging. Our product not only addresses these challenges but also helps to reconcile with the GST portal to claim 100% input tax credit.

Reconcile Flight Tickets
And Airline Invoices With Ease

Reconcile flight tickets with
Airline Invoices, Agent
Invoices and GSTR 2A

Simply email invoices and
tickets, we will automatically
reconcile all the data

Automatic parsing and
extraction of data from flight

Automatic parsing and
extraction of data from

Option to share data by
Email, Microsoft Excel, FTP
or APIs

Automated extraction of
invoices for LCCs

Ability to automatically match
various business scenarios
and reconcile

Get reconciliation output in
custom formats
as per business need

Integration with various 3rd
party financial systems
and ERPs

Easily understands oneway,
roundtrip and multi-city trips
by the teams

Separates travel agent fees
and add-on services added to
the tickets

Helps corporates to get most
accurate GST input credits
every month

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